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3 Advantages of Mobile Marketing 

Posted by Katrina Wotten on 03/04/18 8:35 AM
Katrina Wotten

In case you haven't heard, Mobile Marketing is so much more than just a communication channel. Mobile Marketing is Marketing, there's no two ways about it. Today's consumers live on their mobile device (on average 87 hours a month), and it's redefining the way we as marketers need to engage consumers.

This shift is happening quickly and if you're not on board with a mobile strategy, you're going to fall behind. Consumers expectations are higher than ever so brands better be ready to wow them with their mobile presence.

While these are certainly not the only advantages of incorporating mobile into your marketing strategy, they are definitely 3 Advantages of Mobile Marketing you want to consider:

  1.  Direct Communication
    Mobile is the only channel you're guaranteed to reach your audience directly. Unlike digital ads, social posts, or even email, SMS messages allow you to reach consumers direct to their inbox with a 98% open rate. Response rates from SMS are 209% higher than from phone calls, Facebook, or email (Emarsys). The odds of your target audience seeing your content just sky-rocketed.

    Not only can you ensure your message is seen, but by utilizing the power of a mobile phone number, you can track consumers to gain valuable insights into their behaviours and preferences. These insights provide a unique opportunity to send personalized content and perfectly timed promotions.

    It is predicted that by 2020, 48.7 million consumers will subscribe to receive messages from brands and businesses they trust. This has been a growing trend over the past few years with +76% growth since 2016. By building a SMS subscriber database you open the doors to a realm of possibilities for connecting with an engaged target audience. 

  1. Accessibility
    Mobile users always carry their phone with them (even to the bathroom!) there is no place a mobile device does not go. This means that consumers can almost, always be reached, giving you the ability to provide relevant, location-based, or action-based content anytime, anywhere.

    92% of mobile phone users use their phone while out shopping. 81% use it while at a restaurant and 89% use their mobile device while watching TV (Deloitte, Global Mobile Consumer Report).

    Mobile tactics can be incorporated into any marketing campaign providing versatility to your already scheduled calendar. With the use of keywords and text CTA's you can connect marketing performance to all of your advertising channels. Tracking this type of performance will certainly make it easy to see where your marketing dollars provide the most value.

  2. Time Relevance
    In today's instant gratification, need-to-know-now culture, it's important that your content is available to consumers when they want it. Mobile devices provide instant access to a variety of content resources. This means users can save and re-find content when it's convenient for them. Smartphones also make it incredibly easy to share content with friends, spreading your message even further.

    Speaking of using content when it's convenient, mobile reinforces the power of impulse buying. Customers are able to take advantage of special deals while they're already shopping. Receiving the, 20% off one entrée message at 5:00 pm, could be the trigger needed to bring consumers into a restaurant. Timing your messages to reach consumers when they're most likely to take action is an amazingly powerful tool.

    Mobile is generating a huge shift in the way consumers interact with brands. With the ability to reach consumers directly, anywhere, and at times they're most likely to take action, Mobile provides today's marketers a unique opportunity to build closer consumer to brand relationships and gain true insight into their marketing performance. 

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