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The Return of Purchase-Based Promotions

Posted by Andy Bruce on 28/08/18 8:02 AM
Andy Bruce
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Contests, gift-with-purchase, and added value. Why are we seeing so many of these types of programs in the marketplace right now? Because they work.

Shopper marketing has been getting a bad rap in the past few years for turning out elaborate programs that are not achieving required ROI’s (rightfully so). There is a snobbery in the shopper world that says some shopper initiatives are better than others. The truth is, a great shopper plan is diverse, is opportunistic and always focuses on what will add value to a shopping experience.

A variety of technologies such as digital coupons/contests and receipt processing solutions have made it easy for marketers to run purchase-based promotions that are measurable – without the need for special codes or any point-of-sale integrations. Keeping it simple.

4 reasons you should be running purchase-based promotions:

  1. Simple, Effective, Measurable
    The cost of digital couponing, receipt recognition and mobile based contests has destroyed the costing models of analog alternatives. Marketers can now plan multiple programs with the same dollars that they used to spend. Plus, the added benefit of valuable data and insights provide the “how, when, and where” consumers are purchasing.

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  2. Localization & Targeting
    Purchase-based programs can be easily tailored to the needs of local markets or classes of trade in response to marketers’ increasing emphasis on region-by-region marketing programs and on account management of key retail customers (ASP).

  3. “If Sales Know it, They’ll Show it”
    As marketers we are constantly striving to drive to the next level of excellence. Unfortunately, this often leads to complex retail programs that Sales teams cannot wrap their heads around. Purchase-based programs allow Sales to sell something they understand and believe in. And as any seasoned marketer knows, “If Sales Know it, They’ll Show it” and if they don’t, they won’t.

  4. Sales. Sales. Sales.
    Purchased-based programs focus on the consumer, but also provide a service to the trade. They help to both put products in the aisle (sell-in), and move products off the shelves (sell-through) into consumers’ hands – it’s win / win.

Check out this promotion by Mars Canada Inc.. Simple, effective, and measurable!

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